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Your dedicated server in Hong Kong with Koddos

Hong Kong is not just the best destination holiday, but also a proud place to implant our datacenter. There are so many societies which choose this big area with a high technology. Let’s talk about the hosting offshore KoDDos.

What is KoDDos?

Maybe you don’t know that nowadays, the very famous virus online is called DDoS. To explain you about a simple Gard line, DDoS is a system used hackers to attack your website. They subscribe in your website as client, and get more information to attack you one day. So, you really don’t know who it is, but the signal is, the website begins to bug, and so many things change on your interface than you didn’t do, because your line is saturated. The result is a disaster, and it’s blocked your business online. You have to know that they attacked a big traffic like yours and sure you’ll lose more than a simple virtual system. There is a solution, and as we trust about our last visit to the Hong Kong dedicated server, we confirmed that KoDDos services are your solution.

The offers are so high and so fast

It is so funny, but we can compare this picture to a time level with Tom and Jerry cartoon. DDoS use multiples attacks to disconnect your website. The solution is to be faster than them. That need more energy, and power and materials to make the difference. The first plan is to place your server after KoDDos system. To make a strategy and build a traffic filtering about legitimate client with the fake one. We can build a big network with 400Go of power. More visibility countries to be in a high level of graduation. We work with coding who is given faster on your client than you personally trust on. And the liberty to call our technician on 24/7 to bring solutions on a real platform.

There are 4 offers on this society, for hosting only, for a virtual server, for DDoS service online, and a pack of protection against DDoS only. So, you can also decide to give more possibility.

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