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Have you heard about digital publishing as a Marketing IT Solution ?

The newspaper is the first communication medium that has been around for ages and is still present to this day despite the appearance of the radio or television. Today, journalism is no more. Indeed, modern man prefers to find all the information they need for free on the internet so why even spend there money to buy a newspaper? The journalist as the newspaper disappears little by little and face this hyperconnectée society. They actually compete with the commodification of content, blogs, social networks, etc. it solutions is currently a real constraint for journalism because it is fully adapts to it, or he disappears without a trace. Note that the digital revolution is very quickly and violently.

Economic and technological change

If before, everything was based on the digital media, today this is no longer the case. Three factors are causing the explosion of the offer of transforming knowledge consumption patterns, free access to information but also the migration of advertising budgets to the web. Free has lost its direct commercial value to information. Indeed, as is absolutely free, people prefer to have better access to free information as a paid info. Most people therefore no longer wish to be informed but more specifically be aware of all what is happening around them. Advertisers also no longer depend on the press due to the onset of digitization but also the massive distribution of internet content. So they no longer need paper to show their ads or their messages. This is why the volumes of advertising revenues then declined. In the American press, the financial resources came down to two thirds between the 90 until 2011. This is then pushed the news media in a rivalry with companies that focus their activities in marketing services focused on entertainment or the entertainment. Note that many service companies have opted for a coupling by creating courses, web development advice, etc. All these forms of competition while endangering the paid journalism is facing declining readership as well as its aging, the increase in the price of paper, but financial difficulties. At present, everyone can become the editor of a blog but can also be a special envoy of a newletter. That is why it is important to redefine the boundaries of the profession as a journalist. Indeed, the logs is no longer the only one to tell what is happening in the world. It should open and learn to collaborate if he wants to get out. Anyway whether man-media or digital journalism, their purpose is quite simple. it is the answer to the mutation of a voracious audience, mobile and both demanding and the research of original and free content.

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