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What is the next code that every clients will want ?

You have questions about the future of your Magento platform, the actions to be implemented tomorrow to keep maximum competitive advantage, take market share. The evolution of e-commerce platforms is permanent, the future is exciting, but you need to stay informed and be one step ahead... In e-commerce market evolving here are the new features of Magento, such as you dreamed !

The launch of Magento 2

In a context where the internationalization of the business is the top priority for most merchants, Magento arises now in leading e-commerce solutions and enhances its capabilities by integrating several characteristics:

• Staging & Preview: ability to preview the content before publication. Valid for CMS pages, categories and products, changes can then be published automatically. The Staging will however available for Magento Enterprise.

• ElasticSearch: the improved search engine Solr will be replaced by ElasticSearch. Unlike the native search based on MySQL, using ElasticSearch will benefit from a much faster search and much more relevant search results.

• Payment Interface: Magento 2.1 will benefit from an enhanced payment interface.

Customer experience: the priority

Announced in 2015 and confirmed in 2016, personalizing the customer experience is now the center of the universe Magento. To live the customer a unique experience, back to the center of the customer relationship by analyzing their needs. Today it is to offer the customer the right product at the right time ...

New Magento enterprise cloud edition

Magento enterprise cloud edition was launched in PaaS (Platform as a Service) on 1 May 2016. This offer enables rapid deployment of fully customizable E-Commerce platforms, secure, scalable, combined with hosting and management services the latest generation of infrastructure. This new version also allows to manage the location, redundancy, and scalability of the infrastructure. Unlike a SaaS model (Software as a Service), the Magento code is available, the same as the classic Enterprise version and all Magento extensions available on the Markteplace 2 will be compatible with the platform. It includes several additional layers of technology allowing customers to benefit from greater agility in international development.

Work with a magento development company, to optimize your e-commerce !

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