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The frameworks for Php web development

PHP is a universal scripting language based on the syntax of C and Perl. The scripting language is widely used and used to create dynamic web applications and web pages. A PHP framework is used in most cases for the development of new web projects.

What is a framework?

Think of the backbone of a house, a structure in which everything else is built, and the form on which all subsequent work depends. This also applies to a photo frame that defines the structure. Each photo inserted should be the size of the frame. PHP web frameworks have their own ecosystem in the world of web development. PHP frameworks are used to create websites and web applications of all sizes and complexities, ranging from small static websites to complex large-scale enterprise content management systems. PHP is the language of choice for web development for over 80% of existing sites.

Frameworks in vogue lately

Many companies didn't hesitate to use the Symfony framework when it arrived. It allows the creation of fast and scalable PHP web applications. The MVC framework accelerates php web development and further development by allowing a uniform programming structure and eliminating recurring programming tasks. Learn more about our use of Symfony for your projects here. Laravel is a modern PHP web framework that also follows the MVC model. It shows its strengths in simple structured web applications and is especially easy to learn for developers. The Zend Framework is a modular programming library. Ext4Yii is an application framework based on the JavaScript framework Ext JS and the PHP framework Yii. Yii is used to develop Web 2.0 applications. Free, fast and following the MVC model, it has many plugins and extensions. And version 11 of WebSite X5® offers a new graphical interface even more intuitive and ergonomic, new modules and plugins to integrate into websites.

The frameworks offer ready-to-use components, libraries, apply a proven architecture, ensure model separation. PHP frameworks make you more productive.

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