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ROR is not about technique, it's just about logic !

When it comes to internet, websites are always in the middle of each discussion. You should know that creating these websites always will highlight the tools that are indispensable. One of these tools is ruby ​​on rails and its concept is simple. Only, in this simplicity, it will avoid confusing the technical logic. The concept and the ruby ​​on rails foundation clearly explain the reason for this assertion.

The basis for ruby ​​on rails

Specifically, Ruby on Rails is a framework making use of the Ruby language to develop websites. So the professionals in the field as ruby on rails development company make use of all the specifics of this tool in order to produce innovative and unique websites. The creation of these websites will be more enhanced with ruby ​​on rails or ror with all its advantages. I must say that everything was done to simplify the development work. Clearly ror is based on two fundamental principles namely DRY or Do not Repeat Yourself which will center the data in one place. There is also the convention over configuration will avoid a too detailed work if one refers to the configuration since ror will follow a very specific agreement.

Ease and convenience

Certainly the ease in development work and the use of practical make up this tool called ror. The technique will not be mandatory with him since the logic is the only essential attraction for a developer using ror. Clearly, ruby ​​on rails is already written code where we integrate our own line of code to specify the job. This is why its use is so simple, why the production is increased. It will not be necessary to have a very high level of expertise in the area since everything is already predetermined. Everything will be better adapted to the desired result from the already established code. Besides, ror has three environment where everyone can develop specifically. From there, simply follow the already established conventions. This is one of the basic principles of ror.

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