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PHP or Java ? What is the best for your website ?

When we started in web development, we are always hard to find the right programming language for the creation of a site or an application. While both of these Open Source solutions are both free, they each have their strengths and weaknesses. To help you make the right choice, here are some points that you may find useful.

The characteristics of the two languages

If you are not yet part of the php developers and are new to the subject, know that first of all you must choose your programming language to suit your tastes and your aspirations.

PHP is both reflective, imperative and procedural fonctionnal with an interpreted language so that Java is rather object-oriented and is highly structured while being imperative. In terms of typing, it is both weak and dynamic if Java is personal, safe, strong and very static. PHP does not always have backward compatibility which is not the case of Java although both languages are both multiplatform. It is possible to UTF-8 Management with Java if it is partial with PHP. With regard to the heavy implementation that of Java is in the average if it is very low for PHP.

You can make a web application with two languages and you will not need to make a change for PHP major version for backward compatibility. Java requires against by, an application server other than the web server. They are both supported by a senior editor.

In terms of maintenance, bug with PHP is less blocking than with Java. Normally a bug in it completely stops processing if it blocks just a little display for PHP. It is very easy to fix it on the latter. Updating a site created with PHP proves elementary solely by overwriting previous files with the new version. The downside is that if you want to know if the update was successful, you have to verify each file. For Java, the packaging is made of all files in a single file with a WAR file. For the update, you must restart the server.

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