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One web to print plugin for everybody, developers, manager and user.

No matter what you are, you can benefit from a solution of personalization to improve your online personalization. In fact, Elite Print offers a web to print service for your convenience. You can choose the type of e-commerce site that would perfectly match your expectations or your needs and connect to the module available to you. The solution proposed by Elite Print has met more than one person, a company, a business. It comes with several features that are well suited to novices but also regulars. Note that you are totally free and will have no anual licensing fees. You actually have at your disposal a license to use ad infinitum that will give you the possibility of connecting the module with three other of your sites. Know that you will be able to receive technical support throughout steps to assist and help. The price is 2500 Euros excluding tax for basic functionality.

The proposed features

At Elite Print, you will have the user's basic features and those of the manager. As a user, you will be able to create a blank document and use templates to your liking. You can add, edit or delete text, images and shapes. You can move, resize, or rotate an object. You can manage texstes, images, undo or redo your actions, enlarge or decrease the current through scene zoom. As a manager, you can manage the actions available on each model whether restriction of adding a text, image or other modification. You can also add non-printing objects like passages mlassicot, bleeds, text guides not to mention the creation, registration and deletion patterns. The plugins we use are WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento and OsCommerce. Note that you can also add up option on your own whether the grouping of objects, alignment of objects on page project record for later re-opening, the management of actions available any model, the installation of a module for generating PDF and others. You choose.

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