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How to build a static site ?

To admire the smooth running of your business, it is always better to have your own website. However, the creation of a highly sophisticated site could be very expensive for a small business. In this case, a static website will do. It is very well possible to make a good business with it.

Principle of a static site

Above all, we must know that there is a big difference between a dynamic and a static website site. Whether for working or for the cost, these two types of web page does not resemble at all. The principle of static website is very simple. When the client server request information or a page, the server responds by providing the requested information. In this case, it makes no difference to those customers, which is not the case with web 2.0. This is what makes this type of web server is very easy to create and at the same time does not take too much time. However, many large sites that have become famous today have much to go through there. This is the most adequate to be able to found a trade. You are betting a little higher as and as your business becomes profitable.

Create a static site

Since it does not take too much time, creating a static website is not at all difficult for what it knows. Even for those who do not have enough knowledge, with appropriate tool like ruby ​​on rails, they can create one, and this in record time. This software uses the Ruby language that is easier for its usefulness. However, there are other languages ​​in order to do this. The simplest would be to use HTML. Since it is the basic language of a static site, it is very simple to use. Furthermore, to create interaction based on visitors, the pages must be inserted manually. The pages may in this case differ by customer. That's the difference with dynamic sites that do them automatically.

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