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You don't have the developer ? We have the plugin !

If you do not have a developer for your website, remember that we can provide a solution for online personalization that can easily be connected with your e-commerce site. The majority of companies but also individuals use it to have a better turnover. With this tool for website changement, you will have access to one of the best online éditeurd Plug & Play. Note that the module will be delivered with a well detailed integration documentation so you can have all the required knowledge connected in input and output. Not to mention you can enjoy a very responsive technique media to accompany you throughout your integration. Professional developers will actually be at your disposal for any requests for information, assistance and advice. You have the choice of Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop and OsCommerce course. Our webservices are characterized PHP5, NodeJS and speaks with a file system provided the opportunity for that is that you will PAZS need a database to store the information of your website. You will also provide you with a configuration file to the accuracy of physical paths while having the ability to change the code for the Passage to the database.

Integrators features very easy to understand

We provide you dispositin features very easy to understand. As an integrator, you can edit all the styles of your interface through modificatin a CSS file. You can also move and edit graphics such as buttons, text information by editing the HTML file. It is also possible to configure your module to your templates or directly display your models. This is also the case of your fonts. In fact, you also have the ability to configure depending characters available not to mention the configuration of the margins and resolution, generation and recovery in the case of a dedicated server or a shared server. You can also get your BAT or the image of the screen of your user at the time it places an order. This will be done in low resolution for easy control. All this for a fee 2500 Euros price excluding tax with a license of use without any annual fee. If you ever need more features, you can order at any time.

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