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What PHP for an e-commerce ?

PHP is a scripting language which has known a growing success since its creation in 1994. Very popular among web developers, PHP is a programming language that has revolutionized the web. This server -side language is the basic one for the creation of so-called dynamic websites . Most web giants like Facebook and Google use php scripts in their web pages .

A basic language for creating web application

Although HTML is the structural language of a web page, other languages like PHP or Python are increasingly used to develop web pages. The creation of a real web application cannot be done without the use of a scripting language like PHP. The flexibility and fluency of this language over the other like Java, made it the language of choice of some companies specializing in the development of web applications. Many framework related to this language have been created in order to make programming even more intuitive. It is on these ones that are based php company to develop custom applications for its customers. Their productivity is really increased and their products are more reliable.

PHP for e-commerce website

E- commerce websites are platforms for selling and purchasing items online. The proliferation of these types of platforms on the Web has given rise to the emergence of several frameworks and CMS (Content Management System) specially designed for e- commerce. There are scrpits php, free or payable, for the development of e-commerce web application. Platforms like Magento, which are based on PHP, allow to manage your online store with more fluency and flexibility. With its many features and scalability, it is one of the most used platforms in e-commerce’s world. Other tools written in php like Drupal or even PrestaShop help to create and manage your ecommerce project. This highlights the importance of this language , what is php, for e-commerce websites.

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