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What is Symfony?

You want to develop websites so you do not always have to redo everything? Would you like to use the best PHP reference practices like Symfony? The only problem is that you do not have much experience in the field yet and would like to know how this powerful framework will make your project more efficient?

Symfony's definition

It is a set of PHP components with an MVC framework. Thanks to the flexible functionalities, this framework will allow the symfony developer to accelerate the development of a website without difficulty. It is used by several applications to have Askeet, delicious but also Yahoo and Bookmarks. Since 2009, Dailymotion has also started using Symfony for its simplicity and efficiency. How does this framework work? For greater maintainability and scalability, this framework has three separate layers. It also has a very good performance and an excellent cache system. It also has a cascading configuration system called YAML without forgetting the back office generators and a module launcher. Its architecture is so flexible that it becomes possible to create and use plugins.

The benefits of using this framework

It was created in order to easily integrate with an ORM which facilitates the object persistence of the databases. Symfony is also a multi language framework with a more simplified and easier to use version. It also has a system that aims to improve the performance and efficiency of your website. It also includes several bundles or plugins. This framework has a strong evolution capacity and has a very large community of more than 300,000 symphony developers in 120 different countries. He also owns the R & D Labs which continuously distributes new versions of Sensiolabs. Symfony can also provide a command line interface to improve productivity by creating a highly efficient and modifiable database at will.

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