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Pricing for the whole retailer’s portfolio

Previously, we had dismantled only a few retail companies. In several reviews, we compare the different indicators of these companies. Since companies are of different size and structure, we will most often compare them in figures rather than absolute figures.

The retail trades

Why we are criticizing this system, because producers are asking for a report for the tobacco tariff on trade. This may not be a problem, but there are still some explanations to be given. We want to find the right answer and know which of these companies is the best. We can invent ideas for a good profitable investment or just because we want to obtain excellent academic knowledge on the subject. The opinion is that you will not find any of this in any analytical review.

Analyze the information correctly

Quickly obtain consolidated information on the company of interest and find the missing information, then see different analysis options and alternative views on the company among yours. It is also important to try to explain the company's model, what the figures in the declarations mean, to correlate it with operational activities.

Position in the industry

The position in the industry is mainly determined by its market share elasticity of price. You will find the shares of each company. Remember that the companies analyzed belong to different markets. We can only directly compare the leaders in the grocery market in terms of turnover. The world of children in its segment is in first place. In general, we can conclude that the retail markets we are considering are not concentrated and that industry leaders will continue to gain market share. Although retail is not yet fully online, the main indicator of retail trade is the number of points of sale.

Of course, the best option is to finance at the expense of suppliers, interest is not paid and you do not need to invest your money.

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