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Our team will give you php formation this saturday !

When we talk about web development or creation of website applications, various tools back all the time in these subjects. One of the most widely used tools to this level is PHP. These benefits are such that it is very popular now. In addition to being simple to use, it is very convenient and offer a neat job while being fast. This Saturday, our team will give in-depth training about the PHP whether for beginners or professionals in the field.

General information about PHP

Above all, we must know that PHP is primarily a scripting language and general open source. It was designed specifically for the development of web applications and easily integrate HTML. Clearly, instead of using multiple commands to only display HTML, simply to appeal to PHP codex containing HTML fragments. What most distinguishes PHP from other similar scripting languages, is the fact that its code will run on a server to generate HTML. A final u, the customer will receive directly the result of the script without having a way to access the source code. Of course, we can easily configure the web server to scan all HTML files as PHP files. This will prevent the dissociation of the dynamic pages and static pages.

Training at all levels

Given the advantages of PHP, it is obvious that it will take a thorough knowledge in order to use it effectively. Also, with all the updates and the evolving concept, it will especially be made aware of any changes. With our team of php development company, you will be informed of everything about PHP Saturday through training at all levels. All aspects of this tool will be treated so that there are more white in its use. Whether for beginners or professionals in the field, we provide full training. Having done so that everyone can benefit and well evolve in the use of the concept.

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