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Koddos has a datacenter based in Hong Kong

If you launched your own e-shopping website, in order to develop your activity on the asian market, you have a strong interest in choosing a server based in Asia. This will enables you to provide a quality service to your customers, and above all, to stay at the heart of the international business activity. And for a quality service whatever happens, choose a dedicated server based in Hong Kong.

Why choose a server in Hong Kong ?

Nowadays the asian market represents billions of dollars. It is one of the biggest markets in the entire world, in many sectors. That is why choosing a server based in Hong Kong to host your website is a winning strategy. Your website will be at the heart of one of the biggest finance hubs, that will enable your customers to access to your service regardless of their location. Moreover, the servers which are based in Hong Kong are offshore. So they bring some great advantages. The Koddos society is specialized in offshore dedicated servers. Its Hong Kong Datacenter is one of the more powerful and reliable datacenters of the market. It is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the technicians team, who are in charge of the maintenance of the servers and are ready to react at the slightest sign of problem. The dedicated server enables you to provide a quality, continuous service on your website.

An offshore server has many advantages

More and more people choose an offshore server for their website. This kind of hosting enables you to remain anonymous : your personal informations never are revealed to anyone, and you never have to communicate them when you subscribe to the hosting service. That is why an offshore server is an additional protection against potential ddos attacks. Moreover, it enables the people who live in a country concerned by the censorship to manage their business freely, cause the server it outside the local authorities' control.

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