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Could you advise me a good ror agency?

Agencies that know how to develop in RoR, there are many but a good development company in ruby ​​on rails is quite complicated to find. Indeed, it is not enough to know the codes and the creation of applications, it is also necessary to have impassioned agents and it is even the main idea of ​​a good development company in Ruby and ruby ​​on Rails.

Rely on the expertise of the best

There are many agencies that work in the creation of web applications with RoR. To be sure of the ruby ​​on rails development company you are going to have to look at the work they do. Indeed, it is essential to go deeply to penetrate the competence of these developers. There may be a company that specializes in ruby ​​on rails but whose developers are not entirely RoR developers. It is indeed necessary or even obligatory that any computer scientist who wants to code in ruby ​​does so only without touching other language and concentrates on complexity and paradoxically on the simplicity of this language. So the first criterion of a good agency is first of all the competence and devotion of its human resources. For a client only the result counts and for a good finished work, it is more than essential that they are experts who deal with the project. A computer scientist degree, a RoR developer course, a CV with RoR and a RoR habit are the minimum requirements of a good ror developers team.

Which one to choose?

If the sort could be done between the pros and the less pros, it also comes the moment to choose between the most competent. For this, account must be taken of the experience and possibly the age of the agency. Then do not forget that the experience is justified by the existence of a customer before, also by contacting these customers or by visiting their site, it is possible to find there the reference and the recommendation for a specific company. The board does not always go for an agency but for the computer specialists it employs and who carry out all the work.

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